Top 10 Makeover Tips

Top 10 Makeover tips

1.) Use of soft oils on neck
Your neck skin needs to be look shiny and tight , so inorder to achieve a shiny and smooth neck skin use oils which have light specific gravity , donot over massage your neck as skin here is very delicate , it could get damaged , do only for 15 minutes maximum , if you don’t know how to massage take help from professional beauty care expert . these oils will vitalize neck skin.

2.) Nail care
Nail care is very important, as nails are also area of attraction, cuticles are important in taking care of pushthem back , as nail are visible part of palm, keep nails short and small so that one the day of wedding they grow to length appropriate for work, they can give looks in particular, so it to be maintained .

3.) A good cleansing routine
A good face cleansing routine is important as it will help to clean down the pores of skin, these pores get filled with dirt dust and grime etc. So daily cleansing routine is important in particular to make a healthy skin in comparison to other. To have freshness and healthy sheen it is necessary, cleansing milk can be used in this condition , and face can be washed in this condition as well , but if there is no time in doing so then face wipes can be used in place of .

4.) Eye care
Eyes are important also , so in order to make the best of eyes they are to be, if there is swelling at areas near eyes then these have to be treated very well as this swelling can distort whole look of eyes , use any eye cream or gel . First put this eye cream or gel in fridgadire for few hours so that it becomes cold, then apply it on areas near eyes, to take maximum be fit, besids this put cotton in old water for 15 minutes then put it on eyes , do like wise in a week for sure to reap benefits, another thing is if skin is dry then then use milk cubes solids that are made from frozen milk put cotton in them and keep on eyes. Don’t forget to putoff make up before night sleep ever .

5.) Waist line care
Your waist line is portion that is visible hence important in particular , so ther needs to take care of waist line skin must be very clear here, there should be no looseness visible in such portion for that might be possible that person has to go for waist line tone up or waist tone up. Over heaviness of waist also has to be taken into account as it will look very odd so light cardiovascular exercises are also in consideration .

6.) Nutrients needed for winters
As most weddigs happen in winters so vitamin C should be in appropriate quantity in diet . For countering cold and coughs.

7.) Meditation
A very simple but effective method for increasing beauty and vigour is meditation, it effects mind and body and balances the body, a calm body will get much bnefit as compared to uncalm body , it copes with stress and tension very much hence meditation is important to get a healthy skin. It is good for this application .

8.) More creams
From now on much differnce had beenm achieved , some before sleeping much work has to be done but not too much work , good night creams had to be purchased and applied before sleeping, so when you are asleep then the antiaging effect of creams is still on work for your skin.

9.) Relaxation
Is necessary as it give relax to muslces and provide fit body , mediation , yoga and jogging are some of the works that are necessary in to provide for good health and fitness in particular that are to be done in particular . Aromatherapy can also be used in treatment for healthy body .

10.) Hair beautification
Before wedding day take care of your hairs and use them for enhancement of appearance , if their is any yellowish color of teeth consult a dentist, as the yellow appearance of teeth will very much differ in teeth appearance so it could be applied in teeth appearance and making them up .

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