7 Natural makeup Tips for Beginners

Date : 07 March 2022

Understand makeup takes time because there are so many products and procedures available that many individuals become perplexed as to which would work best for them. It might be challenging at times. But don't worry, we're here to provide you with some fundamental makeup techniques to get you started. Beginners frequently experience anxiety while working with cosmetic products, which is why we have compiled a list of beauty recommendations for beginners.

Here is a collection of 7 Beginner Beauty Tips:

  1. Begin with the cleaning

The first and most important beauty advice for your face is to wash your face every time you return home. Cleansing entails carefully wiping away all of the makeup, sunscreen, debris, and pollutants that have been applied to your face. All skin types can benefit from any smooth, creamy cleanser. Wash your face with warm water, then apply a cleanser to your face and wipe it in circular motions. Rinse your face with warm water after sometime and pat dry.

  1. Moisturize you skin always

You must complete this technique before applying any makeup to your face. It aids your skin's preparation for what is to come. Keeping your face hydrated prevents irritation of the skin's barrier. It also aids in the prevention of the onset of dryness, as well as the restoration of dry skin. Moisturizer serves as a shield between your skin and the elements, such as cold, dry air, which can worsen dry skin.

  1. Purchase high-quality goods

Typically, newbies choose low-cost material goods for their faces. They should realize, however, that instead of purchasing low-quality goods, they should invest in high-quality goods. The most crucial element is what you put on your skin. As a result, instead of buying low-quality things often, invest in high-quality products once.

NOTE: Invest with caution.

  1. Don't forget to bring sunblock/sunscreen

Using sunscreen is an essential element of any skincare regimen, whether the sun is shining or not. The damage can be exceedingly harmful to the health of your skin. As a result, only use sunscreen-protected lotions and cosmetics. Furthermore, it is typically advised to avoid as much sun exposure as possible.

  1. Apply primer before applying makeup

After you've adequately hydrated your face, add primer before you begin applying makeup. Primer aids in the adhesion of cosmetics to a surface. This step will ensure that your makeup looks fresh and lasts throughout the day. You do not need to touch up your makeup regularly. Makeup can cause your skin to become dry, so moisturizer and primer can help to avoid this and make your skin smooth.

  1. Lip liner is a Must-Have

Use a lip liner before applying lipstick to prevent smearing on the edge. Choose a hue that is the same as or lighter as the lipstick colour; this will help to create a smoother and more even edge.


  1. Never go to bed wearing makeup

Sleeping with layers of makeup on your face may be more harmful than you think. It causes pore obstruction, which leads to severe breakouts. As a result, regardless of how tired you are, a vital beauty tip here is to always use a decent brand cleanser or makeup remover to remove your makeup before going to the bed.



In your 30s, following this easy 7-step program will keep you from feeling guilty. And, while a skincare regimen may appear to be an expensive luxury, we have presented you with 7 of the most economical and simple ways to keep your skin sparkling and youthful. Enjoy your 20s while casually preparing for an even more delightful 30s.