Here Are Some Hair Care Tips Given By Ms.Komal Mahendru On How To Get Great Hair During Winter

Here Are Some Hair Care Tips Given By Ms.Komal Mahendru On How To Get Great Hair During Winter

Date : 31 October 2019

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Ms. Komal Mahendru is constantly building her body of work and strengthening her influence on the hair and fashion that defines generations. In this blog, you can get to know about how to take care of your hair during winters.

Hair Care Tips for Winters:
  • Condition Longer: Apply conditioner for a longer period of time, to combat dryness more efficiently.

  • Egg Mask: Eggs are nourishing and conditioning for your hair, so make sure to apply a mask made of eggs mixed with yogurt at least once a week, in order to deeply nourish your hair.

  • Steam: After applying a hair mask, make sure to steam your hair, by either running a blow dryer or wrapping your hair in towel dipped in warm water in order to make the mask work even better. Avoid steaming in an egg mask.

  • Serums/ Leave ins: After washing your hair, always make sure to apply a good serum or leave-in conditioner on your damp hair, to steal in all the moisture and goodness.

  • Aloe Gel: If your hair is super dry and frizzy, apply a good amount of Aloe Gel on your dry hair while going to bed. The next morning, your hair will absorb all the gel and become more soft and manageable.

  • Avoid Frequent Hair Wash: Avoid frequently washing your hair, as the weather is already dry, and washing it, again and again, will make your hair dry.