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Today’s life is moving so fast that everything is changing day by day as you can see in young generations in their life’s everyday fashion is also changing, it can be seen on mostly in girls fashions. Most of us only know manicure and pedicure but now the things that attracted to them is Best Nail Art. Nail art is a type of painting on nails with their own creative ideas to decorates their nail and to look attractive. Its comes first on trend when magazines started printing articles and photo in their magazines and then in social media girls started to post their photo of their nail paintings.  It can be decorated by both hand and feet nails. Well, THE STYLZ SALON is master in the nail art.  The stylz salon is the best nail art salon in Lucknow.

Their nail artists are so professional when it comes to nail art. They are so creative which can you see in their work. As we know Stylz salon is known for its best work. Many girls or women come to their salon and take other services like a makeover, bridal makeup, etc.  Well if you want to learn best nail art and want to be a professional nail artist just like as the stylz salon has, then they also teach nail painting with their professional nail artists. Well, nail art is now a trend in which every women or girl wanting to paint their nail with different design and texture. Stylz salon helps with their latest design in Lucknow. Their design is always trending in Lucknow.

Service provided by the stylz salon in Best nail art:-

  • Manicure and Pedicure – Its have processed from cleaning nails to nails painted. its begin with the cleaning the nails deeply and then cutting the nails and the giving shape to the nails so that nails look pretty.
  • Nails Extensions – there a lot of women who do not keep the big nails which important for nail paintings so If women have small nails no worry with nail extensions they can extend their nails for the nail art.
  • Acrylics – Acrylic is a chemical which is made of polymer powder and monomer liquid mixture chemical which apply on nails.
  • Nail Gel- The Nail artist applies this gel to provide a solid layer on the nails. These things give strengthen to nail as well as where the nail paint apply. This gel applies on the nails get it dry by ultraviolet light or maybe LED lights.
  • Nail Polish – Now they put nail polish on the nails and decorates it with a design with the help of sparkles glitters. With different types of colors. It’s including many types of design as a 3D design, glitter design, stamping, water marbling, and money more according to your style or likes you can make on your nails.

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