Nowadays, marriage is becoming a trend in our generations. In the past, it was very simple where people were called and they do marriage and done. But now it’s a huge trend in couples by watching famous couples like Deepika and Ranveer, Anushka and Virat, etc by watching these celebrities wedding every couple want as same as they saw, especially in girls. In girls, they always follow the trend in wedding and why not after all marriages have done only ones in a lifetime. So as we know dresses fashion are changing but there one thing more that are changing by times which bridal make-up. In marriage, Bridal Makeup is very important because every girl wants to look gorgeous for their future husbands. These things are well understood by The Best Bridal Makeup Artist Stylz Salon. The Stylz Salon is the best bridal makeup salon in Lucknow. They are perfect that can be seen by their works.

With professional Bridal make-up artists and with the high experience they making their bridals to achieve that look which they dream of. The good things in the Stylz Salon are that they always do the latest and trending make-up. Sometimes their new style or makeup become a trend.

The Basic Things Done In The Bridal Makeup By the Bridal Makeup Artist Are:-

Grooming hair-first they start with grooming hair which is a very important part of bridal in the wedding. They groom hair of bridal with the latest hairs style fashion. They use gels, hair blower, hair straightener, and with hairpins, they give that style.

Cleaning- with cleaners they used to clean all the dirt of skins and dead cells of the face so that the moisture the skin and protect the skin because dirt can harm their face skin.

Skin tones- In this the make-up artist uses skin tones to give the tone of color of the make-up. Skin tones they use are advice by the dermatologist which does not harm the skin of the bridal. These skin tones are friendly with skin so they protect and give the perfect tone of your color of the make-up.

Primer- In this make-up artist use it before they going to apply the bridal make to the bridal which giving the smooth surface of face skin of a bridal and if bridal want to dance and cry so this primer helps the make-up to hold it on a face.

Foundation- the foundation gives the perfect color of the skin and give support to the make-up look more attractive. The make-up artist applies it before applying on any makeup product on the face of the bridal.

Concealer – this product is used by the make-up artist on the bridal face which is very important because is used to hide the dark circle of the eye and blemishing of the eye. Because eyes are the important things in bridal makeup to look beautiful and attractive.

Highlighter – This is that product which is done on the face of the Bridal to make larger eyes and attractive. And to make perfect face cut of the bridal look more gorgeous plus give sharp shape to the nose of the face.

Make-up – As you know bridal make-up is not easy things there many more product have to be applied after this like lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, etc. these are the only basic things which is done by the make-up artist as first.


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