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In modern life, everyone wants to look beautiful and likes to look more beautiful than another. They always like their skin always look fair and won’t look sassy in their friend circle or in relatives. Well, stylz salon a professional makeup artist gives you the best makeover which girls always demand in Lucknow. Stylz salon with their highly professional makeup artist they fulfill all the demand of the women.

Stylz salon is always famous for their makeup and their article always print on magazines about their makeover and beauty tips. They have done makeup to lots of models in the beauty contest, plus when it comes to bridal makeup this salon name comes first of every woman. It is the unisex salon and its provide very high skill makeover artist and magazines and newspaper article are always print like home remedies, how to look gorgeous with the homemade product etc.


Basic tips for the makeover:-

The basic tips for the makeup are the tips which are done before applying the makeup or the steps are taken before the makeup, so that product does not harm your skin. Well after that you know which product you have to apply for.

  • Analysis- this very important before doing any makeup or cleaning you should analyze that what type of product that you choose and type of skin color product which suits your skin tone these two things always do before making up because these things protect your skin and give the best glow to your skin.
  • Skin Cleaner- this is the second step of a makeover which is also important because it cleans all dirt from the skin which can harm your skin and kills the bacteria off your skin plus it gives moisture to the skin. Its also clean oil from the face which gives a smooth surface to face and does not affect any makeup on the face.
  • Skin Toner- This is that cleaner which made up of alcohol as we know alcohol is good cleaner so this product is made up of the mixture of alcohol and other chemicals. It’s used to clean the skin deeply. It cleans dirt, oil, etc and increased PH level of face skin.
  • Makeup – Now you can apply the makeup on your face first put primer on your face then use foundation according to your skin tone color then apply eye shadow then lipstick then mascara and so on, but use the product according to your skin color.

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