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Makeup is not essential only to galvanize your appearance it also provides you the confidence to represent yourself in front of everyone. Stylz salon is the best salon in Lucknow and we observed that makeup is not only making people adorning but it is also helping them to keep themselves happy. Stylz has hired the best professional makeup artist in Lucknow who knows well that makeup is the art which can be used to make someone confident and happy.

Every girl loves to be happy when she sees herself her gorgeous appearance in the mirror. Stylz feels proud to make hundreds of brides, girls, and women happy by providing our serene service to our customers. We are not in those who work only at our salon, we also provide our best makeup artist to your doorstep. You can call us and hire our best makeup artist and skilled beauty expert for your wedding day.  We provide your makeup according to your jewelry and the dress you are going to wear on your special day.

Stylz feels pleasure to provide their service with every girl who wants to looks beautiful then other girls. We understand your hygiene standard so we provide you the service in a complete hygienic atmosphere where you will not feel a single part of filth at our salon. In this blog, Stylz is going to share about those aspects which you do not get during makeup but it is very essential for good looks and only you can take care of all the things.

Tips by stylz to adopt hygiene and good looks without makeup

There are so many ways which can make you and gives the sign to others that you take care of your beauty and you have adopted a standard in a matter of hygiene. The hygiene you adopt provides you sophistication by which you people impress to you without doing anything. Hygiene refers to the cleanliness of body and it also provides you beauty with class. You cannot put on makeup every time to looks good but as you start adopting hygiene your beauty enhance itself and it does not matter you put on the makeup or not you look good every time. So there are some tips by which you can keep yourself hygienic. The tips are discussed below:-

  • Teethes: – White teethes are very common but very effective on others. Stylz have observed that there are so many people looks damn great but when they smile, their teethes look so filthy and it also leaves a bad impact on others. White teethes enhance your beauty especially when you smile and everyone loves to talk with you and your smile capture’s everyone’s attention.
  • Body odor: – You must use deodorant or body perfumes when you go for an outing or any party. It prevents you from sweat stinks. The stink of your sweat can irritate anyone so it will be good that you use body deodorant or perfume which provides you great preference and people love to stand near you for hours. The use of good perfume also catches others and it also seems impressive when you pass someone then, he or she stares you because of the sweet fragrance coming from your body. It makes happy everyone.
  • Breath’s odor: – The breath’s order leaves a very strong impact on others. If you have bad breath odor then you can also face the insult also. It seems very bad when you talk to someone he feels the bad odor coming from your mouth in that case people start to avoid talking with you and sometimes it becomes a matter of discussion amongst people. So, in that case, you can use mouth freshener and there are so many liquids available in the market which prevents your breath odor to stink for hours.
  • Face cleansing: – Your face is the first thing by which people analyze your beauty. So it is essential to keep your face clean. A clean face looks and it also provides a glow to your skin which is very impressive for others. You should keep your face hydrated all day because it is good for your healthy skin and it is good also for your facial beauty.
  • Eye makeup:– If you use eye makeup then you must be assured that the eyeliner or mascara whatever you are using to make your eye more beautiful it must be symmetrical. If the eyeliner using it will be symmetrical in both eyes then your eyes will look cool but if the eyeliner gets bit unsymmetrical then, it will leave you with awful looks.
  • Lips: – It does not matter you are at home or you are out for the party, your lips should look good every time. It is not necessary to use lipstick every time but lip gloss will be perfect to hydrate your lips and replenish the beauty of your lips on your face. Red shining lips enhance the facial appearance a lot.
  • Hands: – hands are the part which is almost visible to everyone so you must take care of your hands. The skin of your hands should be soft and hydrated. You should clear all the extra hairs on your hand through waxing by which your hand’s skin looks more clear and adorning.
  • Heels: – Heels are that part if it seems filthy to others then people start analyzing your hygiene. So you must scrub your heels and try t clean your heels every day. The clean and soft heels is the sign that a person loves to stay clean and he has some standards of hygiene.


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