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Every girl loves to put on the makeup during different occasions but most of them get completely dependent on their Makeup Artist. Doing makeup herself is not that hard task as people understand, after practicing two or three times you learn a lot to put on makeup by yourself for parties and occasions. Stylz salon in Lucknow has observed that here girls and women are very much curious to learn the new techniques of makeup by which they could get fine makeup for their parties and events they are going to attend.

Stylz salon has the team of the best makeup artist in Lucknow. They have noticed that every girl knows the so many points regarding makeup by reading our blogs but they don’t know a few small and necessary points which can help to keep glowing forever. In this blog, we will learn a few basic things which are essential for those who love to put on makeup but for a small reason they cannot end their makeup well. These tips are very helpful to understand the way to apply makeup and it will also make you creative if you will share with others.

Tips by the makeup artist to improve your makeover skills

Stylz has the best makeup artist in Lucknow and these tips have written after sharing with our best makeup artist and it has great results. So the tips are discussed below:-

  1. We have noticed that girls mostly disturb their mascara after putting on the makeup on their face. It is a very frustrating job when you apply al the makeup well and in last only the mascara has rest to apply and it ends terrible due to a bad way of application. In that case, you must know why your mascara is getting disturbed. It is happen mostly because mascara is dry, so use mascara till, it is in the form of a fluid and remove the mascara with dry Q-tip.
  2. Mascara also does not work properly due to the brush you are using to apply mascara. It happen, girls use different makeup by the same brush which is used to apply mascara. In that case, the brush does not give you a smooth touch of mascara on eyes after applying. So if you are using the mascara brush for other purpose also so must remember to wash that brush properly because If your brush would be dirty then when you use mascara then the dirt of other makeup will blend with mascara and it will provide you bad effects. So use a clean brush for getting a good impact on your eyes during applying mascara.
  3. Eyeliner is the best thing you apply after makeup. It has been found that there are few people who use eyeliner well. You need an artistic hand to use eyeliner, but if you are not that artistic and your eyeliner gets straight so you do not need to worry. You can fix your eyeliner with the help of Q-tip. Dip Q-tip into the eye cream gently applies on the top of the crooked part, The flaw in your eyeliner will remove instantly. You can also use concealer to hide mistakes occur during applying eyeliner.
  4. It has been observed that when lips get dry then you use any color or lipstick on them it does not appear cool. So in that case you can exfoliate the skin of lips through scrubs, by scrubbing you will notice that dead skin removed and the skin of your lips are shining again after that you can apply the lipstick then it will provide you the maximum effect on your lips. Always use lip balm or lip gloss after applying lips tick. Lip balm and lip gloss is necessary to apply because it keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized. You can also use the toothbrush to exfoliate the skin of your lips
  5. If you are going to remove your makeup and you found that your makeup remover oil has been finished, in that case, you can use coconut oil to remove your makeup you put on the face. Coconut oil is best to remove the makeup from your face and it provides you some sort of health to your face during apply the coconut oil on face.
  6. If you want to use blush on your bare face’s skin and you are not getting blush then you can use your lipstick blend with face cream and you can use it as a blush on your face but it seems natural when you do not use any other makeup like foundation and powder on the face.
  7. It has been found that ladies use glitters during makeup and they it becomes hard to remove those glitters from the face. In that case, you can use tape over the area where you have applied the glitter and press that area over the tape and pull it off gently and you will see that your glitter on your face has been glued in tape and your face is all clear.
  8. If you have a wrinkle on your face then putting on sunscreen daily on your face would be a great idea to remove wrinkles from the face. You can also use sunscreen underneath your makeup also.
  9. Always use a beauty blender to blend the foundation on your face skin during makeup. Beauty blender works like magic on the face and it helps a lot to merge the foundation with your face beautifully. Beauty blender is a tool like the brush which is very good to remove the tight lines you have on your face.
  10. If you do not the time to do full make up then you can only choose to do eyebrows. When your eyebrows get a fix and looks good on your face then your face get covered in a good frame and it seems like your face has make up and it also improved your looks.
  11. Do not smile hardly during applying blush o the face. At the time you smile hard and you use blush then it could be possible when the client’s face will stop smiling the muscles will come lower and you will get that your blush has been applied on the wrong place as you intended to apply.


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