best makeup artist in lucknow


The makeup application requires expertise, finding the right beauty tool is another aspect you should pay attention to when choosing someone. Stylz Beauty Salon is the better result when looking for Best Makeup Artist in Lucknow. With a series of makeup brushes that are easily available in stores, we keep in mind that what you really want. To choose makeup tools and brushes, like the style you want to make, we work accordingly.

Best Makeup Artist in Lucknow uses some of the world class beauty brushes, that stunning your faces at makeup time like powder brush, blush brush, angled contour brush, Dome powder brush, bronzer brush, retractable powder brush , fan brush, concealer brush, Foundation brush, eye shader large brush, Eye Shader Medium Brush, Smudger Brush, Crease Brush, Pointed Liner Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Angle Eye Blender Brush, Eye Detailer Brush, Detail Liner Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Angle Shader Brush, Brow/Lash Comb, Lip Brush, Retractable Lip Brush, SM Stippler, Stippler, Retractable Foundation Brush, Bent Liner Brush, Complexion Brush, Shade & Concealer Brush.

The brushes used by the best makeup artist in Lucknow of Stylz Beauty Salon are made of synthetic fibers, which are known for long-lasting stability, flexibility, and quality so that our strict requirements can be met and make your skin beautiful. We try to perform our artistry properly and professionally in your makeup.

We are telling about some of the beauty brushes, we use for the makeover in Stylz Beauty Salon By The Best Makeup Artist.
  • Powder brush – The primary function of the powder brush is to wash your face with loose or compact powder. A good powder brush will allow you to set and touch your makeup without moving any other current makeup on your skin. Best makeup artist in Lucknow provides effective changes in complexion.
  • Bronzer Brush – Bronzer brush has a round Shape, which also allows the distribution of brush makeup. There are bristles which take the right amount of color to apply it to the defective skin. Shake excess powder before applying it on the skin. Makeup artists in Stylz Beauty Salon in Lucknow know proper work to get the galvanizing beauty at your face.
  • Concealer Brush – It is used for a flawless look. To fix your spots and get a similar color Best Makeup Artist in Lucknow to use this camouflage brush. This is used to apply concealer under the eyes, hide black spots and areas where broken capillaries or discoloration are clear.
  • Fan Powder Brush – This brush having the shape of a fan is specially made for use with loose powder. This brush shakes the light powder dust on the skin, resulting in a soft and velvety effect. If you are aiming for light coverage or for removing excess powder from the face then this is the tool of choice. Stylz Beauty salon performs the best for your Radiant & Moisturized Skin.
  • Eye Shadow Brush – This makeup brush is specifically aiming to smooth and precise application of eye shadow. Whether using cream or powder eyeshadow, this brush used to glide with ease to ensure application with minimal fallout.
  • Eyeliner Brush – Eyeliner makes eyes screwy. Makeup artists in Lucknow use an eyeliner brush that can deliver a fine line so that you can achieve perfection and precision with custom eyeliner. Stylz Beauty Salon designs the shape and effect that you want.


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