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Amit Mahendru

Amit Mahendru is a trained Professional Photographer in Lucknow - Kanpur (UP) India. He has an experience of 10 year in the field of photography. He is specialized in advanced professional events photography and model photography. This site features some of his work. Wedding photographer in Lucknow - kanpur has formed a firm belief that professional photography can never be only about technique, equipments, camera or lenses. To be able to achieve some of the best photography results, the art has to be driven with passion, sculpted with love and finished with care. For him, photography is a passion and sincerest form of expression. And his passion hasn’t let him rest and has motivated him to examine and polish the skills in several field of photography. Candid photographer in Lucknow - Kanpur focuses on the tiny detail in big picture; he captures the tiniest details when it’s necessary. Has the good eye coordination and steady hand. His photography is creative and eye catchy to the viewer.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is capturing the real moment’s picture. We find the best poses for your photographs. Wedding photography is joyful beyond description .

Event Photography

We are one of the leading Event Photographer in lucknow. Event Photography includes Wedding & Reception Event, Parties, Corporate Meetings, Cocktail Parties, Bachelor Parties, Ceremonies or Anniversaries or even Birthday Parties etc.

Modeling Shoots

When it comes to modeling, the most important step is to have a great looking portfolio. . We can provide you with a fantastic model photography service that will always result in elegant, stylish and stunning images, no matter what your individual goals.

Corporate Photography

No matter what line of business you are in, image is extremely important. We provide you with images that bring out the professionalism in your company and display it for consumers to see.

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