Enjoy Trendy – Party Hair Styles, Steped Down By Professionals Hair Stylers

If you are going to meet a friend or for a small get together, there are some hairstyles which you can have all by yourself and you can flawlessly change your appearance and style all by yourself.

Tips for styling curly hairs

Date : 22 July 2016

1. Beware of high SPF foundations/skincare 
I wanted to create a resource for all you curly-cues out there! Your hair is beautiful! People pay to have hair like yours. If you’re discouraged and don’t really agree, you must read on.

Five Top Tips for Bridal Makeup

Date : 15 July 2016

1. Beware of high SPF foundations/skincare 
Have you ever noticed when you have a photo taken your skin looks slightly paler? Some foundations with high spfs have an ingredient in them called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient *which is especially high in Dior foundations* will react to the flash of a camera and pale you out.

Tips for making your hair smooth and glossy

Date : 14 June 2016

Whether or not there are universal truths in the world is a topic of hot philosophical debate. Science tells us that there are many occurrences in the natural world that remain unexplainable or relative; therefore theories are constructed to explain, predict, and master phenomena.

Eye Makeup – Different Wedding Makeup Looks For Brides

Date : 5 June 2016

In order to achieve a long-lasting eye makeup throughout the ceremony, wedding makeup artist in Lucknow recommend using an eye primer over your entire lid, to prevent creasing. These products also help the eye shadows last longer and prevent them from fading throughout the ceremony.

Enhancing your beauty with more alluring version

Date : 24 May 2016

I met with Komal Mahendru bridal makeup artist in Lucknow, a couple weeks before my wedding that took place on March and was very impressed with the trial run and booked immediately.

Beauty is Virtue; Makeup is something that Legitimately Magnify

Date : 17 May 2016

The whole world of makeup meets at Stylz. The new world of beauty, where you can groom yourself with the best makeup artist in Lucknow. They are known for the best party make up, best bridal make up¸ nail art and other

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